Is Josh crazy?

Yes.  But it's a good crazy.

Where can I follow you as you trek across the country?

We're on all social media as "thegreat40eight" and there is a link to them all in the "media" tab.

How did you prepare for this?

Google, SNAP Fitness, Angry Orchard, Shoveling my driveway, Chasing my dog around the backyard and Culvers burgers.  The bacon cheddar burger specifically.

What are the hardest high points?

Rainier (WA) is a glacier with avalanches and cravasses and abominable snowmen. 

Granite (MT) is a true rock climb with a long approach and bears... so many bears.

Gannett (WY) is a 40 mile hike with a 50 degree glacier crossing and worse... no cell service which means no facebook!

Why try and break the lower 48 highpoint record?

Being a world record holder would be cool but I'm really just trying to meet Aaron Rodgers (half joking).

Will there be documentation?

Our 4th crew member Grant is a commercial/landscape photographer and we'll be doing a sweet coffee table style photography book.  I'll also be posting my GPS files and trip reports summitpost.com.  And many people will unfollow me on social media with the barrage of pictures I will no doubt upload on a daily basis.

Where will you sleep and shower?

We will sleep in the car while we drive to the next mountain.  Showers are over rated

Can I climb a highpoint?

Absolutely!  It's fun to stand atop a state and many high points are very accessible.  That said, please understand that mountains such as Rainier, Hood, Gannett and Granite are serious expeditions that shouldn't be attempted by a hiker or climber with little experience.  Around 500 people have successfully completed climbing all 48 high points.

Where can I learn more about High-Pointing?

The official U.S. club is the highpointers club, which is located at highpointers.org