the great 48

Josh and Lindsay set the new world record on July 12th in a time of 19 days, 7 hours and 37 minutes.  The former world record was 23 days, 19 hours and 31 minutes set by Jake Meyer, who was the youngest Brit to climb Everest and youngest male to ever climb the 7 summits.  Jake set the record in 2006 with a corporate endorsement deal, a 30 foot RV, a large support crew and use of a 4x4 vehicle as he claimed the record for Britain.

Our budget was 1/10th of Jake's and the support crew was my dad, sister and good friend.  We have a minivan which failed to make it up the road to Nevada and blew a tire twice but managed to get us the entire 14,000 miles!  We observed all the original Guiness Book of World records rules and did not use fresh drivers or a 4x4 vehicle that gives access to roads otherwise not accessible.

We have no sponsors or endorsement deals.  This entire trip was paid for by support from nearly 100 friends and family who generously supported this world record attempt to reclaim this mountaineering record for the United States by purchasing an advance copy of the photography book we are making of this epic adventure.  We are incredibly proud to bring the U.S. High Pointing world record back to America!


Check out our FAQ section on "The Great 48" for more details on the logistics of breaking this world record